About Us

Simply CleanersWe consider ourselves to be a professional cleaning company of solid stance. We have proven ourselves as a reliable, efficient and affordable service provider and as such we maintain a no-nonsense approach toward our work and that’s why people book with us. We value straightforward way of doing business, we don’t cut corners and always come through with the goods.

Over the years, we have acquired invaluable expertise in all types of domestic and commercial cleaning services – our experience and capacity spans over anything from basic one off cleaning to comprehensive property cleaning treatments and all in between.

We know that the quality of our work depends on the people we have working for us, this is why we have taken the time and effort to find and employ the most skilled and dedicated cleaning professionals around. This is good news for our customers as they receive best possible cleaning results at the best possible price.

We tend to cover a wide range of cleaning requirements as opposed to dealing with one or two services only, because in our opinion as a professional service provider, it is much better and more efficient to have everything done by the same people, ensuring uniform, quality results all round.

When talking price, private and business customers can be rest assured that we offer the fairest, most competitive prices without any hidden fees. We don’t practice the hit and run approach common to some companies out there, instead we want to see people return for more. We do this by keeping up the good work without inflating our prices.

We also aim to reduce the environmental toll of our work. This is why we stick to a strict minimum water and resource waste policy and use only nontoxic cleaning products and materials.

Turn to us and see what professional grade cleaning services are all about!